Maxwan Roofing Contractors; The Experts In The Field Of Roofing In Portland

Maxwan Roofing Contractors; The Experts In The Field Of Roofing In Portland

Did you know you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property by using the proper roofing materials? Roof do not just offer protection to the residents of a property but they also keep out vermin and unwanted trash. Further, they also increase the beauty and value of a property. To get the best roofing, you should only entrust your roofing work to the best contractors in the industry. Below are some of the roofing services most roofing contractors offer:

Residential Roofing Services

If you are seeking to put up a new roof on your house, you should definitely call a specialized residential roofer. For over two decades, we have put together a list of Portland roofers using high-quality materials in the homes of many happy and satisfied clients.

Due to our experience, quality of work and customer service as well as professionalism, we are considered industry leaders when it comes to installing roofing on residential properties. Contact our team of highly trained roofing technicians today to get a highly durable roof today.

Commercial Roofing Services

No magnitude of work is too large for some roofers. Maxwan Roofing Architects & Contractors, we uphold the saying that, “The customer is king.” If you need to put up a roof on your commercial property, we are the team to contact.

We use the latest equipment and the best materials with a view of ensuring that we install a high-quality roof that will last for a long period of time. You can ensure the comfort of your tenants or customers by acquiring roofing services from us.

Roof Repairs

We know that a dilapidated roof can be an eye-sore on your property. Further, we also understand that you want to keep undesirable elements such as vermin and pests from your property. To make this possible, ensure a roofing contractor can carry out roofing inspections on your property and help you identify any areas that require repairs.

After identifying problem areas such as broken shingles, or holes, technicians will be at hand to handle any requisite repairs. You can rely on their expertise when it comes to offering top-of-the-range repairs. Make sure they will ensure that your roof is left pristine after deftly handling any repairs that you may need.

Roof Maintenance Services

If you do not carry out the requisite maintenance on your roof, you may end up require new roofing within a few years. Carrying out routine maintenance tasks on your roof can help in ensuring durability and enhancing the overall appeal of your house.

On engaging us, our team of experienced technicians will carry out routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning the zenith of your house and also painting it. Further, we will also clean your gutters and take the proper steps to ensure that you do not experience any roofing troubles in the near future.

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Us To Handle Your Roofing Needs

We are a team of highly experienced professional roofing contractors who have meeting the roofing needs of clients for the pas 20 years. During this period of time, we have created a reputation for fair pricing and professionalism when carrying out our duties. For this reason, we are regarded as the top industry leaders in the region when it comes to roofing.

We are fully licensed roofing services provider. This means on hiring us, you can expect us to handle any roofing needs that you have according to the requirements in your locality. To keep up with the building code, our highly knowledgeable roofing professionals remain committed to continuing education when it comes to roofing issues.

We understand that roofing can be an expensive venture. To help our clients save money while ensuring that they get their roofing needs resolved effectively, our experts are always at hand to offer useful roofing tips at no extra charge. On engaging us, you can expect to receive detailed information on different high-quality supplies you can choose for your roofing.

Over the years, we have raked up a lot of positive reviews and high ratings from past clients. This is an indicator of our dedication and commitment to quality when it comes to dealing with clients. You can expect custom-tailored solutions from us for any roofing issues that you may be experiencing.

We are also comprehensively insured and bonded. Therefore, on hiring us, you can expect us to treat your property with a lot of respect and care during the delivery of roofing services. Additionally, on hiring us, we usually offer a guarantee for work done. This guarantee is a mark of our quality.

Our team of roofing contractors is very committed to keeping the environment clean and ecology protected. On finishing any job assigned to us, we guarantee that we will leave your place as clean and pristine as we found it. Any debris that we collect during our work tours, we dispose properly.

We understand that you may need roofing services in a hurry. At Maxwan, our word is our bond. If we commit to showing up on a certain day, you can expect us there on the appointed time. We believe that our clients are part of our team and as such, we deal with them with the utmost honesty.

If you are seeking to solve any roofing needs for either your commercial or residential property, look no further. Instead contact the top industry roofing experts today through to get professional roofing services with a difference!

Why We Serve Roofing In Portland

Roofing is an essential component to well-designed and functional properties.

Without the right roofing, a property loses its structural integrity and has to go through regular repairs. Instead of dealing with ongoing repairs, it’s best to choose a world-class roofing company with years of experience in repairs and installations. We have established knowledge ensuring all clients receive world-class assistance for their roofing needs.

Professional Results

We appreciate the value of professionalism and this is something we take into account for all roofing projects. Whether it’s a meticulous roofing installation or a general repair, our roofers are committed to delivering real-world results. The best materials and tools are put to use in garnering positive results for our clients.

For those looking to take the next step with their roofing needs, we remain the number one option in town!

We are dedicated, professional, and organized ensuring all roofing projects are handled with care. This professionalism is what sets us apart and ensures clients get what they are looking for.

Licensed and Insured

Why choose our roofing company in Portland?

We have served in the region for generations and have an understanding of what’s required. This includes local materials, aesthetics, and general requirements associated with the Portland area.

To ensure we are able to uphold these high-grade standards and provide real value, we ensure our team is fully trained and insured. These professionals have seen it all and are able to deliver exceptional value as soon as the roofing project begins. As a result, clients are able to get what they have paid for and their roofing remains in great shape.

All Types of Roofing Issues

Rooftops can differ whether it’s a commercial property or a brand-new residential property.

We have seen it all and remain a well-recognized company for managing rooftop-related issues. We are able to send in qualified roofers to help analyze what’s going on and what needs to happen once the project is underway. This enables clients to feel safe about their roofing and how it’s going to be managed over the coming days.

Allow one of our certified professionals to come in and assess what’s going on. We are able to help with all types of roofing and will make sure the results are in accordance with your demands.


Cost-efficient roofing solutions are a top priority for our team in Portland. We continue to offer a wide selection of roofing installation and repair services at affordable rates ensuring clients get a fair deal.

By choosing us, property owners are able to maintain their roofing without having to spend a large sum. All materials and solutions are competitively priced and in line with industry expectations.

To learn more about our roofing services and how we help Portland clients, please take the opportunity to book a detailed consultation. A qualified roofing specialist will take the time to analyze your property and put together a viable plan of action. This is the number one company in the heart of Portland and continues to pride itself on excellent service.

Maxwan Roofing Architects

We all know about the roofing industry and how saturated it is. Theres an estimated 300 plus roofing companies in Oregon. How can a homeowner figure out in selecting the right roofing contractor for their roofing project. It takes research, due diligence and patience to select the right roofing contractor in Portland. Maxwan has worked in the construction industry for over 20 years. Specializing in exterior and interior home remodeling, concrete, painting, electrical, architectural, and of course roofing.

We want to share with you and give you better insight in selecting not just roofing contractors but also other contractors for home improvements.